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About Me



I’m Prince Varghese from Kerala (also known as Gods own Country) a state in the southern part of India. I met my forever love Jincy in the year 2010, and I knew it for instant that I had found someone my soul loves and decided to hold her heart forever. We are blessed with two lovely kids Aashita and Ryan.

Since childhood, photography has always been my passion. Love for people and curiosity to know more about different culture’s and places has been the driving force behind my passion and profession. I’m a self taught photographer and yeah, A shout- out to my past self for putting in the work to get me where I am right now! My heart always sways away from routine to escape into the unknown and thus, travelling places, capturing landscapes and beauty is something I thrive for. But above all this, I am mostly fascinated to see how Love is personified in the beautiful covenant of Marriage! I love capturing new beginnings of couples and being a witness of their forever after…

To me, Marriage does not happen by accident. It’s intentional, it’s wilful, it’s tenacious. In the end, it’s worth watching and capturing two different souls joining hands together, living forever as no longer two but one! Thus, I look forward to explore and capture many such beautiful beginnings and Love Tales!


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